6 Tips to Getting the Most Out of a Doctor's Visit

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Do you ever visit the doctor and wish you had remembered all the questions you were going to ask? Or that you were - figuratively - speaking the same language? Here are some tips to ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page.

Find a doctor that best fits your needs

Each doctor will have a different approach, office and staff, and a slightly different bias.

Write down a list of questions

Spend a few minutes during the days before your appointment and jot down questions you might have.  Bring your notes, ask questions and get answers.

Take notes during your visit

Don't spend time transcribing your visit; write down a work, medication, or something else you may want to research later.

Ask a loved one to come with you

It helps to have someone there for support or to think of additional questions.

Ask your doctor to repeat anything you missed

Don't be afraid to ask a doctor to repeat him or herself.  It may be necessary to schedule a follow-up to discuss questions that come up later.

Ask for a second opinion

Any good doctor who is confident in what he or she does should not mind.  Doctors should welcome a second opinion because it should confirm findings, making the patient more comfortable with treatment options.