6 Travel Tips If You Have Overactive Bladder

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Think about mode of transportation

Traveling by car is one of the most popular ways, but it can be the worst option for someone with OAB. Depending on where you’re driving, there may not be a bathroom for miles, or you could become gridlocked in traffic for hours. A better alternative is a plane or train, where there is a bathroom in the immediate vicinity.

Strategic sitting

If you prefer to fly, book an aisle seat so it’s easy to get to the restroom without disturbing others. Also book a seat toward the rear of the plane for close proximity to the bathroom – this is especially helpful after the seat belt sign has been illuminated for a long time. Empty your bladder immediately before boarding the plane and when the captain announces you’ll be landing soon.

Bring extra supplies

Pack more medical supplies than you normally do, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar. Pack a shoulder bag, backpack or briefcase with extra products, plastic zipper bags for soiled garments, and a change of clothes.

Hotel accommodations

Stay at a hotel that offers a laundry machine in case you need it. Also ask for spare bed sheets in case there are any accidents at night.

Plan ahead

Call restaurants, shops, theaters, and landmarks beforehand and ask where and how accessible the restrooms are. Have an alternate plan if restrooms are unavailable, such as visiting a different spot.

Keep calm

Even with the best planning and preparation, accidents can happen. Try to remain calm and be flexible throughout your trip. Inform your travel companion(s) of your needs so you can work together to have a fun, successful trip—they can also act as an advocate, if need be. Should embarrassing or difficult situations arise, focus on getting through them as gracefully as possible.