6 Ways to Boost Your Mood With Feng Shui

by Amanda Page Editor

Thinking about spring cleaning? This would be the perfect time to introduce some Feng Shui into your home. Feng Shui is the art of living based on the Chinese philosophy of maintaining harmony with the five natural elements: water, metal, earth, fire, and wood. While this ancient tradition may lack an endorsement from scientists, psychologists do support the benefits associated with the promotion of organization, relaxation and productivity that's central to Feng Shui.

Check your stress at the door

Adopt the simple ritual of leaving your shoes at the door as soon as you walk in. This is a purposeful way of leaving all outside events and potentially negative stressors out of your home or ‘safe haven.’ Think of this as a way to clear your thoughts and a reminder to live in the moment. Whatever happened at the office stays at the office.

Bring nature indoors

Throw open the shades, open the windows and let nature’s light and air fill your home. Natural light works wonders on our physical and psychological health; it can improve energy, increase productivity, and calibrate your circadian rhythm balance. You might also introduce plants into your home, as they can help detox the air of pollution and chemicals from household items and cleaning supplies.

Ditch the clutter

Nothing adds to stress like being surrounded by clutter and chaos. Think about the turmoil caused when you can’t find your keys or your checkbook. Eliminating these small stressors can keep your mind at ease while you are at home and keep you focused on what truly matters – your health and happiness.

Sacred sleep quarters

Sleep deprivation is linked to maladies ranging from anxiety to heart disease to breast cancer. Feng Shui suggests choosing a bedroom away from a noisy street and positioning the bed in the back corner of the room, diagonally opposite from the door. Additionally, while in the bedroom, avoid artificial light from electronic devices, as this stimulates the brain to stay awake.

Color therapy

Psychology of color is a huge area of study, considered important from a health standpoint and as a marketing tactic. Blues and lavenders are linked to feelings of happiness and relaxation, and green is linked to health and wellness. Try working the color you are most drawn to into the aesthetic of your home. Color therapy can be as small as the color of your comforter to as large as the walls in your kitchen.

Natural sounds

Instead of watching television or browsing on your smart phone before bed, try unwinding with the sounds of birds chirping, or the wind in the trees. Studies have shown that nature sounds slow down your heart rate and breathing, helping your body and mind enter a state of relaxation.

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