6 Ways You Unknowingly Sabotage Your Diet

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If you find you're going up and down the scales more than a concert pianist, it's probably because you're being your own worst diet enemy.

You start tomorrow

Let's face it: Monday is already a big enough pain without us adding giant, perfectionistic expectations to it. You'll be no different tomorrow or Monday or January 1st than you are right now.

Resolve to eat a more healthy diet right this second. Yes, even if it is 7:30 on a Sunday night!

You expect miracles from exercise

There's no question that getting regular cardiovascular or weight-bearing exercise can help you slim down, stay toned, and prevent muscle loss. But if you believe that the 45 minutes you spent sweating on the exercise bike or walking to and from work allows you to treat yourself, you're not going to get far with your diet. Some experts say weight loss is as much as 80 percent what you eat, while the other 20 percent comes from exercise.

You're all or nothing, baby

Much like the "start tomorrowers," All or Nothingers are crippled by perfectionism. And if there's one thing that can be said about perfectionism, it's that it isn't perfect! In fact, if you refuse to be happy when you do the little things right (skip dessert, load up on veggies) and beat yourself when you slip up (late-night drive through attack!) then you're going to make youself miserable and your body isn't going to reap the rewards either.

You think low fat/carb equals low calorie

It's pretty safe to assume that eating an entire box of ANYTHING is not a healthy eating pattern. Just because something is marked "low fat" or "low carb" doesn't mean it's healthy or even that it's low calorie. If you find yourself binging on these treats it's probably time to consider whether you're mindlessly eating.

You're impatient

We've all been seduced by reports and television shows that suggest we can all be losing 5 pounds a week, without fail. Unfortunately, that type of fast weight loss is at the very least not healthy, and at the most nearly impossible. Actual fat loss depends on your body type, how much you have to lose, and a host of other factors, including genetic dispositions.

You enjoy a cheat day...or three

There's nothing inherently wrong in enjoying a special treat, but if your idea of Weekend means you start loading up from Friday night until Monday morning, your diet is going to take a beating. You may still lose weight, depending on your weekly schedule, but consider what your progress could look like if you chose a meal, rather than a whole day, as a "diet break."

Let's get real

Tired of always dieting, rather than living the life of one who has successfully lost weight? Read on for tips on why you may be your own worst diet enemy!