7 Foods to Avoid if You Have Asthma

The HealthCentral Editorial Team | Jan 2, 2013

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Artificial lemon or lime juice

You’d be much better off using real lemon or lime juice. It might take a little extra work, but not only will it taste fresher, you’ll be able to breathe better too.

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Beer, wine, hard cider, juice and tea

Ever wondered why you had trouble breathing after drinking beer, wine or hard cider? Now you do! Sulfites are to blame.

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Dried fruit or vegetables

Besides typical dried fruits, such as raisins, pineapple, apricots and cranberries, these foods also include  things like maraschino cherries and pre-packaged guacomole.

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Pickled foods

Pickles, peppers and relish, oh my! Avoid anything pickled if you have a reaction to sulfites. Let the jar with murky liquid be the warning sign to stay away.

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Packaged potatoes

Things like frozen hash browns and french fries and dehydrated potatoes have sulfites, so beware. A healthier substitute would be a baked sweet potato or roasted potatoes with a touch of olive oil.

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Frozen shrimp is another sulfite culprit. It is used to as a food additive to prevent black spots from developing on the shrimp. A better bet is to get fresh shrimp, which can be more expensive, but will keep you feeling better in the long run.

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Naturally-occuring sulfites

Other foods with sulfites include asparagus, chives, corn starch, eggs, garlic, leeks, lettuce, maple syrup, salmon, soy products and tomatoes.