7 Mistakes You May Be Making on Your Low-Carb Diet

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Cutting down on processed carbs is a popular way to manage blood sugar and to drop excess fat, but even the most devout low carber can make mistakes.

You're being seduced by low-carb products

The production of low-carb products such as desserts, shakes, and other foods can be enormously helpful for those who need a quick and easy snack, but if your daily menu includes many of these convenience foods you may be setting yourself up for failure.

You stay on the bottom rungs of the diet ladder

Most low-carb diets include a starting phase that dramatically cuts overall carb intake. Since this is also typically a high weight-loss period, many people stick to the early rungs or phases of their diet. The problem is, moving on to later phases is where you learn to incorporate healthy portions of fruits and a greater variety of vegetables.

You make rookie mistakes

Just because a diet doesn't include calorie counting doesn't mean calories don't count, experts say. It can be easy on a low-carb diet to fill up on meats and cheeses rather than making sure to eat a broad range of protein and non-starchy vegetables. Make sure you aren't falling into the trap of believing that a diet of cheeseburgers and bacon is all your body needs.

You're ignoring your "extras"

Cream, nuts, and other extras have a place in a low-carb diet, but they're not carb free. An extra handful of nuts here and there can increase your overall carb intake significantly, and that can stall your weight loss.

You're playing the field

Dairy, legumes, fruits, cheat days, cheat meals, and fat content are all ways that low-carb diets vary. If you've chosen one type of diet try to stick to it, rather than switching around when the mood strikes you.

You're on-again, off-again dieting

Most diets foster a mindset that divides life into "on a diet/off a diet" days. The problem is, being "off" the diet often looks a lot like being "on" a binge. That's an unhealthy mindset, and it can lead to periods of very disordered eating.

You're giving up too quickly

The early days of a low-carb diet can seem heavenly. You probably dropped weight immediately, and you might have still been so overjoyed to enjoy butter, cheese, and meats that it seemed easy. But eventually weight loss slows down on every diet. You may need to adjust your weight loss expectations in order to continue losing.