Tips for Camouflaging Psoriasis

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Covering up psoriasis may feel unachievable at times - especially if it appears on your face - but there are ways to conquer this condition. Here are our best tips.


Moisturize using a petroleum oil based moisturizer

Keep a small container with you to moisturize on the go and when you are away from your house. Lesions look less noticeable when you keep up with a daily moisturizing regime. If you aren’t sure what moisturizer is best for you, talk with your dermatologist.


Wear light colored clothing

Dark clothes tend to accentuate the psoriasis plaques while light colored clothing blends in with the plaques and makes them less noticeable. At times when you do wear a dark shirt or pants, top it off with a light colored jacket or sweater. Be sure to keep clothing loose so it does not irritate or aggravate lesions.


Use clothing to cover up

Depending on where your plaques are located, you can use clothing to cover up. Long sleeves and long pants will do the trick.


Remove scaling

Taking a warm bath and gently rubbing the plaques with a loofah sponge loosens the scaling in the top layer of the psoriasis plaques. Gentle cleansers containing salicylic acids can be used to help remove scaling. Not only does this make the plaque less noticeable but helps moisturizer and topical creams be absorbed.


Use concealer and foundation

Makeup can help to cover up lesions. Be sure not to use makeup on bleeding or cracked lesions as this can cause infection, however, for those that are intact, concealer and foundation can hide the area.


Spend a few minutes in the sun

Or, talk to your doctor about phototherapy. Both have been found to help reduce psoriasis. Be sure to spend only about 10 minutes in the sun to give you the benefit of Vitamin D but stop any chance of burning.


Add accessories to your outfit

Accessories help by both covering up areas you don’t want seen and also help to draw other’s eyes to the accessories and away from other parts of your body.


Beware of the ingredients in the products you use

Do not use products that contain alcohol or fragrances, as they will dry out and irritate your skin. Try to find products - makeup, especially -  that are labeled "sweat" or "water" resistant, and that also contain SPF, to cut down on the amount of products you need.


Remove makeup gently

Stay away from gels (which likely have a high alcohol content), and stick to cream-based makeup removers. Also avoid any kind of facial scrub, since that will further irritate your skin. Think mild formulas made for sensitive skin.