8 Energy Zappers

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Is exhaustion keeping you from exercising and eating a healthy diet? The culprit may surprise you.


Your body uses water for everything, so being chronically dehydrated can take a toll on your energy.

Lack of sleep

Sure, it sounds obvious, but getting subpar sleep night after night can wreck your energy. Watching TV in bed, sleeping with a snorer, or being unable to "turn off your brain" can mean laying awake for hours every week.

Shallow breathing

Tight clothing, anxiety, and stress can cause you to breathe quickly but shallowly during the day. Try spending a few minutes doing deep, meditative breathing to help alleviate your exhaustion.


You know that depression can cause exhaustion, but don't dismiss the boredom factor. Sometimes the shock of a novelty--like a new hobby--can give you a boost of energy.

Chronic pain

Dealing with low-level pain can wear you out, so finding a way to manage your pain can lead to better rest, better breathing, and a reduction in stress as well.

Energy drinks

Caffeine can give you a boost when your energy is lagging, but if you find that you're using energy drinks, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages throughout the day just to get by, it could be working against you. Caffeine can be dehydrating, and it can also cause a mild stress reaction in your body. Over time, that "boost" may leave you tired.


A busy job is enough to tax you, but if you're coming home to a messy house it could be compounding your problems. Having too many things to do--and feeling guilty about not getting them done--can be tiring.

Emotional vampires

People who feed off your happiness, strength, and ambition seem to need all that you have to offer, and more. Dealing with people like this means you'll have less energy for yourself.