8 Natural Ways To Treat Acne

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Follow these eight easy, natural remedies for acne. For better skin without the extra chemicals.


Beyond medication

There are many effective medications to treat acne, but did you know there are natural, at-home ways to fight acne too?

In this slideshow, we look at 8 easy, natural remedies for acne. Many of them are inexpensive, and many can help improve your overall health as well!


Try honey

Honey has many healthful qualities, including antibacterial properties. To use it as an acne treatment, apply honey as a "mask" once or twice a week.

This can help disinfect and speed healing of pimples, and it is a gentle way to cleanse sensitive skin.


Pull your hair back

Having your hair on your face may look mysterious or alluring, but it also exposes your skin to oil from your hair that can contribute to breakouts.

You should also avoid putting your hands on your face (such as leaning on a hand when sitting), since your hands also contain oil that can be transferred to your skin.


Change your pillow case

Many people change their sheets every week or so, but experts say people who have trouble with acne should actually change their pillowcases every other day.

Because your head and face rest on your pillowcase all night, it absorbs the oil from these areas and reapplies it as you sleep. This can contribute to more frequent acne breakouts.


Skip the makeup

Wearing makeup does not cause acne, strictly speaking, but leaving it on your face can clog pores and encourage breakouts.

When choosing a makeup, make sure you select one that is water-based, experts say. This will help reduce the likelihood it will clog your pores and make it easier to wash off.


Boost your zinc intake

Recent studies have found a link between zinc deficiency and the skin conditions acne and rosacea.

This mineral is found in many foods, including meat and chicken, seafood, nuts, and pumpkin seeds, but there are also many factors in your body that can keep this important nutrient from being absorbed. Thus, taking a zinc supplement--about 200 mg per day, experts say--may be a good way to fight acne.


Take a multivitamin

The health of your skin can be a good indicator of the health of your body inside as well. Thus, if your body is not receiving the proper nutrients, this can contribute to skin problems.

Taking a potent multivitamin every day is a good way to ensure that your skin--and your entire body--is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best.


Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifoliais plant in Australia and contains an antibacterial agent called terpenes. Because acne is often caused by bacteria, using tea tree oil can help to kill or weaken the bacteria enough that the body's own antibodies can fight them off before a breakout occurs.

Tea tree oil also has a refreshing smell and very few side effects from its use.


Drink water

Drinking adequate amounts of water is one of the easiest and most refreshing ways to fight acne.

Experts say drinking at least four pints of water per day will help keep your body and skin properly hydrated. Water also is a vital tool for your body's transport of nutrients throughout its systems, and it helps flush the body and skin of toxins. All of these reduce the incidence of breakouts.