Alzheimer's Disease

8 Tips for Easing Stress and the Risk of Alzheimer's


Watch your diet

Focus on your breathing

Get moving

No really -- get moving!

Get a massage

Reach out to others

Try mindfulness meditation

Eliminate poor food choices

Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin


Dorian Martin writes about various topics for HealthCentral, including Alzheimer’s disease, diet/exercise, menopause and lung cancer. Dorian is a health and caregiving advocate living in College Station, TX. She has a Ph.D. in educational human resource development. Dorian also founded I Start Wondering, which encourages people to embrace a life-long learning approach to aging. She teaches Sheng Zhen Gong, a form of Qigong. Follow Dorian on Twitter at @dorianmartin, Facebook or Instagram at @doriannmartin.