8 Tips to Dress for Success with Multiple Sclerosis

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Wear loose fitting, breathable clothing

Some of the newer styles of clothes are so tight and close to the skin that they make a person heat up too quickly.  MS symptoms can result from clingy fabrics or too many layers worn during the winter months.

Velcro is your friend

You can buy tennis shoes which use velcro instead of shoelaces.  Another trick is to have tennis shoes with shoelaces tied more loosely so you can just slip the shoe on and off without untieing and tieing again.

Buy clothing with big buttons

This makes it easier to handle them.

Only unbutton enough to slide over your head

There is no need to unbutton a shirt completely; only unbutton as much as you need to.  Slide the garment over your head and save yourself the hassle of extra buttons.

Lay out outfits in advance

Select and lay out the clothing you want for the next day.  This will reduce the amount of time it will take to get ready.

Utilize assistance with zippers

Attach a small pendant, locket, chain object or notebook string to the zipper.  Pull on the jacket or sweater to make it easier to grasp.

Dress in a chair with arms

Get dressed while sitting in a chair that has arm rests.  This will help you keep your balance.

Use assistive devices

Consider button hooks to help fasten buttons.  Try a reacher to help pick up clothes.  Dressing sticks can help pull up pants and underwear.  Shoe horns will help get those shoes on.