8 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress with RA

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Keep things reasonable

Getting into the Christmas spirit is great, but you don’t have to go overboard trying to do everything the “right” way. Take time to enjoy your family and friends, and let go some of the exhausting tasks. For instance, use paper plates instead of china to cut down on clean-up time. The food will still taste the same!


Send e-cards

Sending out holiday cards every year can be tiring and hard on your body. Instead, try sending out e-cards. There are ways to personalize and find the right card for whoever you want to wish a happy holiday.


Order gifts online

Rather than braving the crowds at the mall, and putting your feet and joints in even more pain, order your gifts online. The convenience and discounts online are well worth the shipping cost. Sometimes the shipping is even free. You can use your extra time to rest or visit with family.


Limit gift-giving to a manageable group

It’s not necessary to buy gifts for every single person you know. Limit your gifts to close family and friends. It’s hard enough figuring out what to buy people you know well, let alone acquaintances.


Only keep the traditions that make sense

Keep traditions that are important to you and your family, and let go things that don’t really matter that much. For instance, you don’t need 10 different kinds of baked goods for your holiday dinner. One or two is fine. Or maybe you don’t need to decorate every inch of the house, or put lights up on all the trees. Figure out what can stay and what can go.


Take time to rest

Many people take time off from work or school during the holidays, which can be a good time to rest. You don’t have to fill your days off with constant activity. Watch a movie, take a nap or read a book. Take the time to replenish your energy.


Ask your family for help

It’s good to remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Family and friends are usually happy to help out in the kitchen, cleaning up or any other task that you ask of them. It’s nice to get everyone involved in the holiday activity.


Gain perspective

Try to remember that this time is about being with your family and friends. Don’t take the traditions too seriously, and just enjoy your time. This time of year is about love, happiness and togetherness no matter your religious beliefs.