8 Ways To Be A Champion Of Your IBD

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IBD Champions Have A Great Team: Create An IBD Support Network

As IBD patients, we can feel alone. At a young age we are taught not to discuss what happens behind a bathroom door. This can leave us feeling extremely isolated. But we don’t have to be alone. It’s important for us to create a powerful and strong support network to allow us to not only have help with our disease but also feel healthier. We can know that if something goes wrong, our friends and family are there to help us.

IBD Champions Are Students: Learn About Your IBD

There are many patients out there without enough knowledge about their IBD. Some don’t even know the proper way to spell Crohn’s disease. It’s our responsibility to know everything we can about our disease and also our bodies. Take the time to learn everything you can. Read material about IBD, keep a journal for your case and discuss as much as possible with your doctors.

IBD Champions Have Rituals: Have A Routine You Know You Can Follow

Our bodies are always changing with IBD. From one day to the next, we don’t know how we are going to feel or what is going to happen. We can limit what happens around us, though, by having a set routine that our bodies can follow. You’ll be amazed at how your body will respond to a set schedule with types of food you may eat, meditation/relaxation techniques, and more.

IBD Champions Have A Great Relationship With Their Bodies: Listen To Your Body And Master It

Our bodies are under constant attack from both our immune system and our brains, so it’s important to have a good relationship with your body. It’s not always easy getting out of bed and starting our day, but there are things we can do to make it easier. Stretching, yoga, eating right, taking our medication on time, and other steps will all help with your IBD. Have a good relationship with your body and things may get better.

IBD Champions Are Tough: Be Strong And Fight Back Against Your IBD

There are days when we don’t even want to move. Days our entire body hurts and there is nothing we can do. There are other days when it’s not easy, but we can fight back. Don’t let your IBD control you. Figure out a way to start your day and then go from there. Set a major goal that you would like to complete and then set smaller goals in order to get there. You’ll be amazed what a little self-motivation can do. If you need some help, get a friend to get you moving.

IBD Champions Master Their Minds: Think Positive, Live Positive

IBD can be a hard disease to live with. Each day is a battle. Will being upset about it every day, waiting for it to get better without doing anything, or letting it control your life make things better? No. So do whatever you can to stay positive. Friends have asked me how I stay positive. I always tell them the same thing; Staying in bed, staring at the ceiling and crying, isn’t going to help anything. Living life, that will help. Master your mindset, create good vibes, and things will get better.

IBD Champions Are Relentless: They Never Give Up

There are always going to be moments when you just can’t do it anymore. Moments when you feel there is no hope. This is going to happen. Allow yourself to wallow or cry, but don’t let it happen for long. Recharge your batteries and don’t give up. If you quit, IBD will win. If you are relentless and keep fighting, you’ll have a shot at winning. Not only the battles, but the war. Find a motivational video or song that helps you through the tough times and let it keep the fight going. Whatever you do, don’t quit!

IBD Champions Utilize Belief To Their Advantage: Don’t Stop Believing

There are always amazing things happening in this world and that is true even of IBD. Don’t stop believing in yourself or what is ahead. New medications and treatments will be available in the coming years. There is hope and things are going to get better. Doctors continue to learn more, patient advocates are pushing to get better care, and companies are doing great things to help us all.