8 Ways You Can Improve Your Health Today

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It's tempting to make large-scale diet and exercise plans, or resolve to get organized and joyful starting tomorrow, but expecting your future self to be perfect is a sure way to disappoint. Instead, try these 8 healthy changes you can do today.

Add a serving of veggies

Eating better doesn't have to mean eating perfectly. On nights when the only person cooking is the chef at the local pizza joint, make an effort to add healthier toppings to your regular order, or choose a garden salad as a side dish.

Choose water

Just as your diet can take a big step up with small, simple choices, your beverage choice is another way to make a healthy decision today. Replacing sugar-laden soda with water is an obvious way to reduce calories, but even calorie-free drinks like diet sodas can impact your blood sugar, not to mention keep you in a rush of on-again, off-again caffeine craving. Try to drink 2 glasses of water before bed tonight.

Reach out

Most of us know that being touched--or touching someone else--leads to the production of stress-relieving hormones and other good things. But it's easy to go through a day without getting any physical attention. Focus tonight on cuddling with your kids, your spouse, or someone else you love, and resolve to be physically affectionate again tomorrow.

Notice nature

If your primary way of noticing the change of the seasons is in the walk from your car to the front door, then you're missing one of Mother Nature's best shows. You'll be less likely to utter phrases like "where did August go?" if you've spent some time outdoors. Try eating your lunch outside, or opt to take a family bike ride after dinner instead of watching TV.

Try something new

Waiting for the weekend to have a fun time, or to do something unusual, is a sure fire way to waste a lot of your life. If your evening has room for a half-hour television show, or some time on the computer, then you have time to pump up the level of joy in your life with free activities for you or the whole family.

Take 10 minutes and plan something fun

Sometimes, just having something to look forward to is enough to inject some pleasure into daily life. Think of something you'd like to do in your area, or with friends, and take 10 minutes to schedule it on your calendar. Late summer is a great time to plan fall holiday events, or trips to local farms. Just knowing something fun is coming can be enough to improve today.

Surprise someone you love

Giving happiness is every bit as important to your health as getting happiness, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep in touch with loved ones. In the technological age it's easy to keep in touch via email, but a handwritten card, note, or letter is an old-fashioned way of bringing people pleasure.  And remember, the easiest way to get great mail is to send great mail!

Do the one thing for tomorrow

Let's face it, nobody knows what would make your life healthier better than you. Take a look at today--what could have gone better if there had been better planning? Would you have eaten a healthier lunch if you had packed it last night? Would your commute have been less harrowing if you had downloaded an interesting audiobook? Do one thing tonight that the tomorrow you can be grateful for.