9 Great Fitness Gifts

The HealthCentral Editorial Team | Nov 6, 2012

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Clearly, staying fit goes a long way toward staying healthy.  But a fitness regimen can get both complicated and expensive.  Here are nine gifts that will help a loved one keep it simple—and safe.

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ProGear LED Headlight

Why they’ll love it: Fitness fans can safely work out at night with this hands-free light.

Price: 49.95

Available at: www.pelicanprogear.com, www.allcases.com

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Hot Yoga Towel

Why they’ll love it: A towel that grips the yoga mat will let aspiring yogis focus on their inner peace rather than holding their stance.

Price: $49.95

Available at: Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dunham’s Sports stores and www.stick-e.com

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Brooks PureFlow 2

Why they’ll love them: Splashy colors and a unique design make these shoes an out-of-the-shoe-box gift for runners.

Price: $90.00

Available at: Sporting goods stores nationwide and numerous online sporting goods retailers, www.brooksrunning.com

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Cardo BK-1

While they’ll love it: This clever gadget allows cyclists to communicate with each other as they ride.

Price: $274.95

Available at: www.cardosystems.com

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Balanz Board

Why they’ll love it: Focusing on balance makes fitness fans think about their bodies and their workouts in new ways.

Price: $24.99

Available at: Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and www.sklz.com

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Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Program

Why they’ll love it: Life’s little aches and pains can be eased right at home, thanks to this home therapy kit and its mini-massage balls.

Price: $44.95

Available at: chiropractor and physical therapy offices and yoga studios nationwide, and www.yogatuneup.com

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Why they’ll love it: It’s a simple item that can keep ears warm and the music playing during an outdoor walk or run.

Price: $39.95

Available at: www.runphones.com

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Journey Gym

Why they’ll love it: This portable gym gives fitness fans the chance to work out without an expensive gym membership or bulky home equipment.

Price: $299 to $399, depending on membership package

Available at: www.myjourneygym.com

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Weight Watchers Work Your Belly, Butt & Thighs Kit

Why they’ll love it: Getting the hang of stability ball workouts can be tricky—this home kit lets exercisers build confidence at their own pace.

Price: $24.77

Available at: Walmart stores