9 Things to Consider When Joining a Gym

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Exercise is a very important piece to fighting and preventing osteoarthritis. But it takes more than just "any" exercise to keep your joints healthy. Target the muscles around the arthritic joint and work to strengthen these parts. As always, consult a doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine.

Social aspects

Going to a gym or health club gets you out of the house and can fulfill an important and satisfying social function for some people. The social aspect of exercise can serve as a positive motivator and be rewarding in its own right.

Superior equipment

The equipment found at most gyms and health clubs is probably better than the equipment and workout space you have at home.


It is easier (and cheaper) to find a trainer at a gym than to hire one to come to your home.

Creating a routine

Committing to going to a gym makes you pick a time and stick to it. If you are planning to work out at home, it may become too easy to make excuses.

Fitness classes

Health clubs have fitness classes that you might enjoy.


A health club may not be easily accessible for you. If the commute to the gym is too long, it may prohibit you from going. This would definitely be a negative.


Health club membership can be expensive. Then again, home equipment is not always cheap and usually you can find a gym such as a YMCA that is reasonably priced.


Find a gym or health club where you feel comfortable. Remember that you don't have to have rippling muscles and be a professional athlete to go and enjoy the gym.


Consider finding a gym with a heated pool. Aquatic exercises can be very helpful for all people, and especially those with osteoarthritis.