9 Ways to a Safer Home with Epilepsy

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Cook in the microwave

Microwaving is the safest option for someone with epilepsy and there are many microwave cookbooks available. If you must use the stove, use oven mitts and cook only with the rear burners. If possible, use an electric stove to avoid open flames.

Use a food cart

Make sure you have a cart in the kitchen to transport food. This allows you to wheel hot food to the table so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

Opt for carpeting

Carpeting throughout the house is important, but also consider putting it in the kitchen and bathroom. It is less slippery than wood and tile, and can cushion your fall if you have an unexpected seizure.

Use plastic containers

When preparing food or having a meal, try to use plastic rather than glass whenever possible. Plastic can’t break and harm you if you have a seizure.

Install water temperature controls

Ask a plumber to install a heat-control device on your faucets and shower heads to control the temperature. This can keep you from getting burned if a seizure occurs.

Do not lock doors

This is particularly true in the bathroom. If you have a lock on your bathroom door, do not use it. Someone should always be able to get in if you need help.

Re-learn how to bathe

It’s best to bathe with only a few inches of water in the tub and then also use a handheld shower head. If you have very frequent seizures, you should only bathe when someone is with you.

Use padding

Using protective padding around the corners of tables and other sharp furniture can protect a person with epilepsy. In addition, having padded furniture can help.

Avoid stairs

Living in a home or apartment without stairs reduces the risk of injury from falls.