Acts of Kindness to Perform for People with Migraines

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Believe in the people you know who have migraines

One of the most discouraging aspects of living with Migraines is that many people don't understand how debilitating they can be. Believing in people with Migraine disease and trying to understand how it affects them is vitally important.

Offer to drive migraineurs to appointments

It's not safe to drive during a Migraine. Reflexes and action times are slowed. Offering to drive someone with Migraines to appointments can help them get to appointments when they can't get there on their own. Plus, they'll have the pleasure of your company!

Plan a movie night at home

Migraines or not, most people love movies. Going out to a movie theater can be difficult for people with Migraines. Rent a good "tear-jerker," a horror flick, or another movie you'd enjoy, and plan a movie night in their home. Add some snacks that aren't Migraine triggers for them, and have a nice evening of movies and companionship.

Take their kids to the park when they have a migraine

It can be terribly difficult to care for children during a Migraine, especially younger children. Taking a Migraineur's children to the park or doing something else with them when their parent has a Migraine is an enormous kindness to both the parent and the children.

Start a migraine comfort pack for them

Get an inexpensive tote bag or backpack and add little items that can offer a bit of symptomatic relief and comfort during a Migraine. A soft throw, pillow, gel pack, CD of soft music, tissues, peppermint candy to relieve nausea, and other small items are all great additions to a Migraine Comfort pack, and putting them in a tote bag or backpack will help ensure they can be easily found when needed.

Cook extra and share when they have a migraine!

It's sometimes beyond a Migraineur's abilities to cook for themselves, let alone a family during a Migraine. A pretty simple act of kindness is to fix extra when you're cooking and share with them and their family.

Offer to run their errands with yours

Are you going out to run errands? Even that simple task can be daunting for someone with Migraines. Before you go out to run your errands, give them a quick call to see if they have errands that need to be run. Then, take care of theirs along with your own.

Don't wear fragrance around people with migraines

Fragrance - perfume, cologne, scented body lotions, etc. - can be very strong Migraine triggers. Help the Migraineurs in your life by not wearing fragrance around them. They'll love you for your kindness.

Have a tea party to catch up!

Living with Migraines can be terribly isolating because we so often don't get enough time with our friends. Visit a Migraineur for a little catch-up tea party! Offering the simple joy of human companionship is a true act of kindness.

Offer to shop for your migraine friends

Are you going shopping? Getting out to shop can be problematic for someone with Migraines, and once we get there, there are triggers in the stores. Lighting, fragrances and chemical odors, noise, and more can trigger a Migraine when we do get out to shop. Do your Migraine friend an oh-so-helpful kindness by offering to do their shopping with your own.

Send a card to someone with migraines - for no particular reason!

Want to brighten the day of someone with Migraines? Send them a greeting card - for no particular reason other than the fact that you care. Whether it's a printed card that you mail or an e-card, you'll definitely bring a smile to their face with your kindness.

YOUR act of kindness toward someone with migraines?

Now it's YOUR turn! What acts of kindess would you perform for people with Migraines. Share by going to Migraines and Acts of Kindness - Migratude Monday and posting a comment. We may add slides based on your suggestions. Thanks!