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10 Top Myths About Anxiety

Man with hands on head
Jeremy Perkins

Shy woman hiding face with hands
Abigail Keenan

MYTH: Feeling Nervous or Shy Means You Have an Anxiety Disorder.

Woman sitting alone near water
Cassiano Pomsas

MYTH: You’re a Freak for Having So Many Anxious Thoughts and Feelings.

Iced latte with straw
Thomas Vimare

MYTH: Drinking Coffee Kicks Anxiety and Panic Into Overdrive.

Woman suffering from stress with hand on face

MYTH: All This Stress is Killing You.

Closeup Glass with Alcohol in Cocktail Bar

MYTH: Alcohol is a Perfectly Acceptable Remedy for Anxiety.

Young athletic man running at park during cold autumn morning

MYTH: You Can Cure Anxiety With Rigorous Exercise, Natural Herbs, Mindfulness, and Relaxing Self-care Rituals.

Close-up of a man sitting on a couch during therapy appointment

MYTH: You Don’t Need Treatment. Eventually, It’ll Pass.

Woman taking deep breaths

MYTH: Taking Deep Breaths Will Fix Your Anxiety.

Senior woman clutching chest

MYTH: You’re Having Heart Attack.

Senior man inspecting medicine bottle

MYTH: Taking Medication is a Sign of Weakness.

Eddie McNamara

Eddie McNamara


Eddie McNamara is a 9/11 first-responder and former cop turned vegetarian chef and author. He's been living with panic disorder and PTSD for 17 years, and he'll be sharing his experiences, thoughts, and seriously hard-won advice every month. Check out all his columns for "Panic in the Streets."