Anxiety Treatment: 5 Myths About Taking Medication

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If you take anti-anxiety medication you will become addicted.

Some anxiety medications may have a warning label that they may be addictive, but it doesn’t mean that you will automatically become so. Be sure to take all medications responsibly and only take the dose prescribed by your doctor.

"Natural" substances are safer and better than prescription medications for treating anxiety.

Holistic supplements are not FDA-regulated, and there may be little to no research about the side effects, interactions, or withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, prescription medication is going to be able to reduce your symptoms of anxiety more quickly and effectively than other “natural” remedies.

You are weak-willed if you cannot overcome your anxiety without medication

Having an anxiety disorder simply means that you may have a different biological and neurological make-up than other people. The use of medication may help take the edge off and can also enable you to be receptive to learning stress and anxiety reduction techniques.

Once you take medication for your anxiety, you will need it forever

Although some people may use medication for long-term symptom relief, others may take anti-anxiety medication temporarily. It depends on the type of anxiety disorder you have, the severity of your symptoms, and what you and your doctor decide as appropriate treatment.

Taking anxiety medication will mess up your body and your health

We all have a unique body chemistry and will metabolize medication in our own way. The best you can do is to do your homework and research the drug you plan on taking.