A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Insulin


Tips for injecting

Do you have a fear of needles?

Educate yourself on different insulin speeds

Know how to time the insulin you take

You could qualify for premixed insulin

Watch out for hypos

Know other methods of taking insulin

Pros and cons of pumping insulin

How you can take less insulin

David Mendosa

David Mendosa


David Mendosa was a journalist who learned in 1994 that he had type 2 diabetes, which he wrote about exclusively. He died in May 2017 after a short illness unrelated to diabetes. He wrote thousands of diabetes articles, two books about it, created one of the first diabetes websites, and published a monthly newsletter, “Diabetes Update.” His very low-carbohydrate diet, A1C level of 5.3, and BMI of 19.8 kept his diabetes in remission without any drugs until his death.