Best Gifts for New and Expectant Mothers

Sabrina Skiles | Nov 21, 2017

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Whether you know someone who is expecting or has a new bundle of joy at home, there’s no denying they’ve been through a lot. Which means they deserve to be pampered — growing (and raising) a human is tough! Trust me, I’m there right now! That’s why I’ve rounded up a list of the best gifts for new moms and moms to be.

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BumpBox es offers a monthly delivery of healthy pregnancy, mom-and-baby products for every stage of pregnancy, tailored exactly for her due date.

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Prenatal massage

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Let the professionals do what they do best. The mama-to-be needs all the relaxation she can get. Go ahead and schedule one for her, she deserves it!

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For the foodie

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For the mom who loves to cook, a meal-delivery gift card is perfect! It comes with the ingredients cut and chopped already. All she has to do is follow a step-by-step guide to cooking the meal. Choose from HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or Plated.

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Skincare gift basket

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All-natural, homemade goodies like this unique pregnancy gift set include healing bath tea, belly cream, belly balm, lip balm and more. She’ll relish this alone time before the newborn cries come!

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Fun preggers t-shirt

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Let her show her personality with this fun “preggers” tee or how about this maternity due date shirt. This “Bumpin’ Ain’t Easy” shirt is one of my favorites! These tee’s will make any expectant mama want to flaunt her belly any day of the week!

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Nourish the belly

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The expectant mother in your life (and her belly) will love this nourishing belly oil. Enriched with natural premium oils and vitamin E, the Amareta Nourishing Belly Oil will help prevent stretch marks and support skin elasticity.

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Pregnancy tracking chalkboard

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Let her have fun documenting her pregnancy cravings, weekly fetal size, trimester, and so much more with this Pregnancy Chalkboard. As stated by the Nordstrom website, it’s also “the perfect addition to any milestone photoshoot.”

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Netflix for the win

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Give the gift of Netflix! Any new mom will love a three-month subscription to stream her favorite shows for those many late-night feeding sessions.

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Minnetonka slippers

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Genuine soft suede and plush pile lining is exactly what any new mom needs. Once she slips these Minnetonka slippers on her feet, she’ll never want to take them off. You can even get her infant a matching pair!

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Postpartum massage

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After a grueling labor and delivery, sleepless nights, around-the-clock feeding sessions, and possibly wrangling other kids, a postpartum massage is exactly what any new mom needs!

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SpaFinder gift card

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If the new mom is more of a spa lounger, give her a SpaFinder gift card. She definitely deserves a day of tranquility, soothing face masks, jacuzzi soaks, and so much more.

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ToteSavvy bag organizer

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Any new mom has a multitude of products to organize from diapers and wipes to pacifiers and toys. So she would love this ToteSavvy bag organizer that “makes any bag a diaper bag,” as stated by their website. I have it in two colors and don’t leave the house without it!

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Burt's Bees gift basket

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When she doesn’t have time to get out of the house, she’ll love this Burt’s Bees gift basket complete with body lotion, deep cleansing cream, Coconut Foot Cream, lip balm, and a set of spa utensils. This way she can pamper herself whenever she wants.

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Prepared food or Munchery gift card

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Take the “What’s for dinner?” question out of the guessing game for the new parents. Who doesn’t love a homemade lasagna or a pot of chili? Three of my friends organized different days of the week to drop off food for us and this was possibly one of my most favorite gifts — it helped out so much! Not a big cook? Give a Munchery gift card!!