The Best Gifts for Thyroid Patients

by Mary Shomon Patient Advocate

Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or another special occasion, you may be looking for a great gift idea for your favorite person living with thyroid disease. Here are some gifts that are sure to be hits with the thyroid patient in your life, along with links on where to purchase them.

Heated mattress pad.

A heated mattress pad

Feeling cold — even when others feel warm — is a common complaint of people with hypothyroidism. A heated mattress pad is a perfect gift. Turn on the heated mattress pad a little while before bedtime, and sheets are toasty warm just in time for bed. has a luxurious quilted electric mattress pad from Sunbeam that fits the bill.

Woman snuggling with a blanket on the couch.

An electric blanket

Speaking of cold nights, why not give the gift of an electric blanket to warm up your favorite thyroid patient? The benefit of an electric blanket is that if the person you’re giving to shares a bed, dual-zone controls allow his or her partner to stay cool! has a king-size fleece electric blanket from Sunbeam, and why not pick up an extra plush heated throw blanket for the sofa?



Thyroid patients often complain year-round about ice-cold feet. Think about a gift of a pair of cozy, electronic, foot-warming slippers. VAT19 has the perfect pair from S’mores.

Hands in a sweater.


Cold hands are a common hypothyroidism symptom. Amazon has the E-Teching electronic, rechargeable portable hand warmer. Don’t forget to get one for each hand! (An extra feature: it doubles as a smartphone battery charger!)

For the outdoors, you can’t beat disposable hand-warmers for pockets or gloves. Just open the packet, shake the hand-warmer, and in a few minutes, it warms up and stays warm for hours. Amazon sells them by the box for your favorite thyroid patient through the colder months!

Woman pumping lotion from a bottle.


Year-round dry skin is a common complaint of people with an underactive thyroid. Why not get a luxurious moisturizing lotion? A favorite for both men and women is Selina’s Rare Body Essential Mineral Body-Butter. Unscented, it’s a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, babassu oil, and carrot seed oil. As you apply the body butter, it dissolves into a silky moisturizer. Another favorite is Alba Botanica’s Coconut Rescue, made with coconut oil, coconut milk, and shea butter.

Hair loss.

Products for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a complaint of women and men with thyroid issues. Higher-end, therapeutic-quality hair loss products make thoughtful gifts for someone struggling with thinning or shedding hair. Two lines with especially effective, high-quality products that are free of chemicals are Monat and Zenagen. Both brands offer gift sets with shampoo, condition, and deep conditioners.

Tenderloin steak with grilled asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

Paleo Meal Delivery Service

Some thyroid patients follow the autoimmune protocol (AIP) or Paleo diets, to reduce inflammation, calm the gut, and help restore health. The Paleo diet emphasizes meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, vegetables, and seeds, and avoids dairy, pasta, cereal, and sugars. Busy schedules, however, can make cooking a challenge. This makes a Paleo meal delivery service a great gift for someone following that type of diet. PaleoHacks has a terrific list of 13 different Paleo meal delivery services and most offer gift subscriptions.

Different spices.
Primal Palate

Spices and Salt

A key element of the AIP/Paleo diet is avoiding certain nightshade vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. Primal Palate’s Autoimmune Spice Blends has a set of three delicious spice blends — Garlic and Herb, Breakfast, and Super Gyro — that are specially designed for AIP/Paleo dieters. Bon appetite!

Different flavors of sea salt.
Selina Naturally

Gourmet Salt

Most thyroid patients know we need iodine for thyroid function. But salt from a box has a chemically processed iodine that makes the salt bitter. And forget Himalayan salt, which is low in iodine. One recommendation is Selina Naturally’s Celtic Sea Salt. This salt is harvested naturally from the ocean using traditional methods. This means that the salt has all the natural minerals, including iodine. You can get loose coarse or fine-ground salt, and even handy grinder/shakers.

Woman waking up feeling well-rested.

Better Sleep

A night of good quality sleep is elusive for some thyroid patients. A great gift is the Ultimate Deep Sleep Experience guided meditation CD. The CD, created by Demo DiMartile of One Light One Spirit, and recommended by Arianna Huffington, is an effortless way to use meditation for better, deeper, restorative sleep. And, because light can interfere with quality sleep, why not include a holistic silk sleep mask (Amazon), to block out the light, for a better night’s rest?

Woman enjoying a massage.

Gift Certificates

Gift cards or certificates are always an easy gift, but you can make it extra special. Thyroid patients especially appreciate gift certificates for massages and spa services. A great source is SpaFinder, which lets the recipient use the gift card at thousands of spas around the country. Or consider a gift certificate for Soothe. Soothe is a service, accessible online or using a smartphone app, that lets you order a massage anywhere, including at home.

Woman in the park relaxing in the grass and listening through headphones.

Inner Peace

While you can’t wrap up inner peace and mindfulness in a box, you can give gifts that can help your favorite thyroid patient get mind, body, and spirit in balance. Guided meditation CDs make a terrific gift for anyone with a thyroid condition who needs to incorporate relaxation and mind-body health into his or her life. One Light One Spirit has two recommended CDs: The Thyroid Meditation, designed especially to help promote thyroid health and balance, and the Mastering Deep Relaxation CD.

Girl releasing a butterfly.


The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly, and the butterfly is symbol of thyroid disease awareness and wellness. You could splurge on a butterfly-shaped diamond pendant or give her a simple and elegant pair of butterfly earrings. Or, why not grow the real thing? Nature Gifts sell a butterfly kit, including a butterfly house, food, the larvae, and everything you need to raise your own butterflies.

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