The Best Phone Apps You Need for Better Sexual Health

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Who knew your phone held the keys to own your sexual health? Here are the 4 best apps that bridge the gap between sex, dating, and technology.

To make sure you're dating in the most healthy way, literally

According to the New York Health Department there are 110 million people in the US who carry a sexually transmitted disease (STD). That means there is a 1 in 4 chance you'll meet someone with an STD while dating. The popular dating app, Tinder announced a new feature in its app which provides users a link to STD testing sites to encourage its users to get tested.

To track your cycles like a pro

There is nothing worse than having a surprise visit from “Aunt Flo.” She usually decides to shows up at the most inconvenient times like work or while you are on a date. But fear no more! The Life Period Tracker will help you predict the next time "Aunt Flo" decides to visit. This app can track your period, predict days you’re fertile, and schedule cycle reminders.

To educate yourself on STDs

You can rest assured that this app is official since it was launched by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A simple yet rich app with useful information, this app gives you descriptions about diseases along with the type of treatment you should seek if you have encountered an STD. Although you can only get these drugs through a prescription, it’s good to know what to expect from your doctor.

To heat up things in the bedroom and explore your sexuality

Interested in spicing it up in the bedroom between you and your partner? You’ll never get bored with this app. Position 3D gives detailed, yet tasteful tutorials on how to engage in over 55 different sex positions. You can save your favorites and create a list of ones you want to try.

To be honest and be empowered about your health status

Hift is a dating app for people with STDs. This site strives to help those who are ostracized from society due to their disease, find love. While the app is unique, those with HIV should be particularly careful when considering sexual intercourse with someone else who also has HIV as this could cause complications. Also if you already have an STD you increase your chances of contracting the HIV virus.