The Best and Most Popular Thyroid Books

by Mary Shomon Patient Advocate

When the first edition of my first thyroid book, “Living Well With Hypothyroidism,” was published in 2000, there were only a handful of thyroid-related books on the market, and very few were written for patients. Now, almost two decades later, there are dozens of books about every facet of thyroid disease on the market, from doctors, advocates, nutritionists — even one written by a psychic medium. Let’s look at some of the best and most popular thyroid books, past and present.

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“Thyroid Power: Ten Steps to Total Health”

Thyroid Power is from Richard Shames, M.D., and Karilee Shames, R.N., Ph.D., two esteemed names in the integrative thyroid world. I consider “Thyroid Power” the definitive book offering a holistic, functional medicine approach to the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease. With decades of experience treating thyroid patients, the Richard and Karilee have a reputation of bringing the best of conventional and alternative approaches to their well-researched approaches to thyroid disease.

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“The Thyroid Connection”

Amy Myers, M.D., is an integrative and functional physician who offers a sound overview of thyroid-related symptoms, and conventional, holistic, and nutritional approaches to help. In “The Thyroid Connection,” Dr. Myers focuses on proven and sound approaches to managing the energy, cognitive, and metabolic effects of thyroid problems. Her accessible style makes this book a helpful resource for patients with persistent thyroid symptoms that are unresolved by conventional treatment.

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“Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness”

Back in the 1970s, a physician named Broda Barnes revolutionized the way hypothyroidism was viewed and treated with “Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness.” While Dr. Barnes’ overreliance on basal body temperature testing to diagnose hypothyroidism has been replaced by more sophisticated approaches, his recognition of the hundreds of symptoms of hypothyroidism was groundbreaking. This book remains required reading for anyone with undiagnosed or poorly managed hypothyroidism.

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“Thyroid Healthy”

Suzy Cohen is a respected pharmacist who presents an integrative approach to thyroid disease. Featuring health, nutritional, and beauty advice written in a reader-friendly style, her book “Thyroid Healthy” provides a solid overview of lifestyle and other changes that can help thyroid patients.

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“The Thyroid Eye Disease Book”

Thyroid eye disease (TED), sometimes called Graves’ ophthalmopathy or thyroid associated orbitopathy (TAO), is a debilitating and sometimes disfiguring condition that often gets short shrift in other books about thyroid disease. In The Thyroid Eye Disease Book,” top-notch researcher and writer Elaine Moore provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at the diagnosis and management of thyroid-related eye conditions — required reading for anyone with thyroid-related eye problems.

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Mary Shomon’s thyroid books

In the last two decades, I’ve written more than a dozen health books, combining the best conventional and integrative approaches to diagnosis, treatment, and symptom relief. My goal: “to fast-forward you quickly up the thyroid learning curve.” Some of my key thyroid titles include:

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“Graves’ Disease: A Practical Guide”

Elaine Moore is a highly respected health writer with decades of experiencing researching and writing about autoimmune and thyroid disease. Her book “Graves’ Disease: A Practical Guide” is simply one of the best, most comprehensive books about Graves’ disease. Don’t be put off by the age of this book. The information is still timely and highly relevant — a must-have for patients who want a well-researched resource on Graves’ disease with no agenda or upsell.

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“Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease”

One frequently overlooked area of thyroid disease is the impact that undiagnosed or poorly treated thyroid disease can have on fertility, the ability to have a healthy pregnancy, and breastfeeding. I co-authored “Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease: A Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Wellness,” with popular blogger and advocate, Dana Trentini, founder of The book features comprehensive plans to optimize your thyroid health for fertility and pregnancy.

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“Werner & Ingbar's The Thyroid: A Fundamental and Clinical Text”

Werner & Ingbar's The Thyroid is the granddaddy of medical textbooks on thyroid disease. The book has been around for decades, and is updated every several years to reflect the latest information. While not a consumer-directed book, if you want a comprehensive medical resource on every conventional aspect of thyroid disease, you will want a copy on your bookshelf. The American Thyroid Association has an in-depth review of the book.

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“The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease”

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease” is exactly what you expect from the title — a simple, introductory overview of thyroid disease, written in consumer-friendly language for patients. With checklists, sidebars, and graphics, the book is easy-to-read, and written by popular Arizona naturopath, Dr. Alan Christianson.

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“Hashimoto's Protocol”

In “Hashimoto’s Protocol,” pharmacist Izabella Wentz focuses on the emerging area of gut healing and the relationship with inflammation, gut health, and autoimmune disease. The book features helpful advice on nutritional changes that can help to reduce the thyroid antibodies considered a marker for Hashimoto’s disease.

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“Medical Medium Thyroid Healing”

Anthony William promotes himself as the “Medical Medium,” claiming the ability to cure others from illnesses. His book focuses on Epstein-Barr — the virus that causes mononucleosis — as the cause of thyroid conditions and offers his nutritional and mind-body “cure.” As a firm believer in mind-body medicine, I will say that there are some valid ideas in the book, along with things that make no sense. But there’s no denying the popularity of William’s book in the thyroid community.

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