9 Bloggers Who Are Taking On Eczema One Post At A Time

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People living with the persistent, itchy, scaly rash that’s a hallmark of moderate to severe eczema can sometimes feel stuck in their homes, unwilling to deal with stigma or stares when their skin is inflamed and angry. But community and support can be just a click away. Meet 9 bloggers who are boldly sharing their journeys with eczema from their own unique perspectives.


Itchin Since ‘87

Ashley Wall started the website Itchin Since ’87 in 2015 as a way to help people who are dealing with eczema and other skin conditions. She wants those whose angry, itchy and aggravated skin leaves them feeling isolated to know they aren’t alone. Her blog focuses on eczema but covers all things skin-related, including acne, vitiligo and psoriasis.


Brooke DeBow

Brooke DeBow’s YouTube channel offers a variety of makeup tutorials, but also some very frank discussions about eczema and the impacts it has had on her life. This recent video gives an update on her condition, including how she’s started using a new medication that has helped get her eczema under control.


Busybee Carys

Carys Gray is a popular fitness blogger on a variety of social media, including YouTube and Instagram. And while many of her posts focus on her fitness journey, she also shares videos and pictures of how her eczema affects her daily life. This includes photos of eczema covering her back and makeup-free selfies during an eczema flare. She said her goal is to be raw and real about herself to help others understand that not everything you see on social media shows the whole story.


Styles By Fash

YouTube channel Styles By Fash covers everything from fashion, hair and product reviews, but she also offers a window into her experiences with eczema, including how diet may (or may not) relieve eczema and this video on the best skin care products she has found.


Marco’s Lifestyle

Caribbean-born Ken Marco of Marco’s Lifestyle gives his own unique view of fashion, fitness, haircare and skin care, including his experience with skin conditions such as eczema. His YouTube videos offer viewers a personal account of how the condition has affected him and his take on what has worked. He offers a range of advice from how to select moisturizing and sun screens to how frequently to change bedding and shower.


Zainab Danjuma

YouTube newcomer Zainab Danjuma has recently started sharing her experiences with eczema and allergies. The British-based blogger gives viewers an in-depth look at her 28 years of struggle with eczema, including her challenges finding a doctor who would listen to her and her exasperation with treatments that left her skin discolored and still constantly flaring. Her videos also discuss hair care and hair style issues relating to Asian-African hair.


Purely Twins

Twins Lori and Michelle discuss health, fitness, diet, and family life on their lifestyle blog Purely Twins. Michelle has blogged about her experiences dealing with eczema and what has worked for her, including her advice on diet and her experiences with phototherapy, which includes pros and cons of the treatment and before and after photos.


Battle Eczema

The Battle Eczema website was started by blogger Sou to share her story and help others with eczema. She spent much of her childhood and early 20s scratching until her skin was raw and wearing long sleeves and pants to hide the scars of her eczema. She decided to fight back and find ways to maintain her skin condition and live a normal life.