The Cost of Diabetes

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Uncontrolled diabetes can be one of the most expensive diseases anybody can get. See how it all adds up and how you can prevent this from happening.

When diabetes gets expensive

Diabetes starts to get expensive when you don’t manage it and have to be hospitalized or need to go into a nursing home or residential facility. This amounts to more than half of the direct cost.

Indirect costs of diabetes

Indirect costs account for 28 percent of the total cost. Indirect costs include missing work because of illness, reduced productivity at work and at home, unemployment from chronic disability, and premature death.

How much are the costs, exactly?

In 2012, people with diagnosed diabetes spent about $13,700 for their health care. Of this amount, about $7,900 is directly attributed to the disease.

Lifetime costs of uncontrolled diabetes

Another study recently calculated the lifetime cost that people with diabetes typically pay. The “excess lifetime medical spending for people with diabetes” is now more than $211,000.

How to reduce costs by managing diabetes

Of course, you can forget these scary statistics if you manage your diabetes, instead of letting it manage you. Checking your A1C levels regularly is one way to start. You can also start eating better, becoming more active, reduce stress, and get a prescription from your doctor for medication.

A new and powerful diabetes drug

One of the newest medications for people with type 2 diabetes are non-insulin injectables. Consider asking your doctor about these drugs to best manage your diabetes and start reducing costs.