Diagnosed with Hepatitis C? 5 Things To Do

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Being diagnosed with hepatitis C can be very difficult, but the challenge can be reduced by being proactive. Here are five things for a person diagnosed with hepatitis C to do.


Talk to your doctor about next steps

Your doctor will suggest the best next steps to take, whether it’s undergoing a liver biopsy or taking medication based on if the virus is chronic or acute. It’s important to discuss all options and your specific needs.


Discuss your condition with loved ones

Having a conversation with loved ones about your hepatitis C diagnosis is not easy, but it's important that they are aware of your condition so they can get themselves checked. A person can contract the virus from sharing toothbrushes or razors. Hepatitis C may also be transmitted through sex or may have been passed on from mother to child, although the rate of that kind of transmission is low.


Find a support group

It's important not to have to deal with a hepatitis C diagnosis alone. There are many online resources and support groups where you can ask questions and simply connect with people who are going through the same thing.


Focus on your health

Focus on all aspects of your health-mental and physical. Be sure to avoid foods that can cause more damage to the liver and get in daily exercise, keeping in mind your mental state. Seek a nutritionist, trainer, or support groups to help with this.


Get regular checkups

Since hepatitis C increases your chance of liver cancer and liver failure, it’s important to consult your doctor regularly to monitor your status. Taking the necessary next steps, whether it’s a more potent medication or surgery, may increase the likelihood of remission.