Diabetic Macular EdemaRisk Factors

8 Risk Factors for Diabetic Macular Edema

hand holding glasses with blurred background
Bud Helisson

Human optic disc, retina and blood vessels

Close up of woman hands using lancet on finger to check blood sugar level by Glucose mete

Risk: High Blood Sugar

doctor checking a patient's blood pressure

Risk: Hypertension

scientist using a microscope in a laboratory

Risk: Low Blood Protein Levels

woman in car smoking cigarette
DeMorris Byrd

Risk: Smoking

pregnant woman close up
Mateus Campos Felipe

Risk: Pregnancy

African American man wearing glasses
Urban Sanden

Risk: Ethnicity

water balloons in bucket
Aaron Burden

Risk: Fluid Retention

Blood smear from anemic patient

Risk: Anemia

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