EczemaRisk Factors

Eczema Up Close: Myths and Uncommon Complications

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Myth: It’s just a skin problem. It’s no big deal.

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Eczema and Increased Risk of Heart Disease

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Myth: Vaccines Cause Eczema

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Unexpected Complication: People with Eczema Tend to Have Staph Bacteria on Their Skin

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Eczema, Staph and the Influenza Vaccination

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Influenza shot can be injected into a muscle instead

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Live Smallpox Vaccine Can Lead to Serious Infection

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Rare Complication: Eczema Vaccinatum

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Myth: Eczema Is Contagious

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Eczema Herpeticum

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Slowed Growth Rate for Children With Severe Eczema

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Possible Causes for Growth to Be Impaired for Children With Severe Eczema

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Topical Steroids to Treat Eczema May Cause Delayed Growth

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