Exposed: The "Germiest" Places in Your Hotel Room

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#1: TV remote and bedside lamp switch

Be sure to bring your iPad or e-reader for entertainment purposes on your next vacation because the TV remote and bedside lamp are among the most bacteria-infested places in the room. Yuck!

#2: The housekeeper's cart

The mops, sponges, and other cleaning supplies found on housekeeper's carts also contain high levels of bacterial contamination. This, of course, isn't ideal because of cross-contamination.

#3: Toilet and bathroom sink

Not surprisingly, the toilet and bathroom sink are bacterial breeding grounds.

#4: Headboard, curtain rod, and...

The bathroom door handle are among the least contaminated areas of hotel rooms. Oddly enough, bathroom door handles escape without too many germs.

What does this mean for you?

Researchers can't say whether or not the bacteria found in these areas of the hotel rooms can cause disease, but (despite the small sample size) it is an indicator of overall cleanliness, and where hotel owners need to improve.