Five Easy Tricks to Keep Your Brain Young

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Losing your memory entirely as you age does not have to be a foregone conclusion. Follow these tips to keep your brain sharp and stave off dementia as you age.

Finish a crossword puzzle

Just as a brisk walk or jog can exercise the body to make it stronger, a mind puzzle - such as a crossword puzzle - can exercise the mind and make it stronger.  Challenge yourself to finishing a crossword puzzle (or maybe just half) or taking up a game of Sudoku to keep the mind sharp.

Read a book

It does not have to be War and Peace, but picking up a book can challenge your mind to comprehend an intricate plot, follow a particularly interesting character, learn about a new period of history or broaden your understanding of a hobby.  There are endless ways to stretch your brain with a good book, no matter what the type.

Play games

Join a bridge club or poker circle or start one yourself.  Simple card games can keep the mind active and sharp and provides an opportunity for meaningful social interactions, which also keep the brain working hard.

Become a social butterfly

Human interaction, no matter how deep or superficial, will always stimulate the mind in positive and productive ways.  Join or start a book club (then you are also reading, which is good for your mind), have a standing lunch date with friends (with healthy foods, of course) or start a walking group (to keep your body and your mind healthy).

A healthy diet and exercise plan

A healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and exercise regiment, will do wonders for both your physical and mental health.  Attempt to work up a sweat every day for at least 30 minutes and incorporate fresh, nutritious foods into your diet and cut out high-fat, harmful foods as much as possible.