Getting a Better Night's Sleep With Psoriasis

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If you have psoriasis, getting little beauty rest doesn’t just mean dark circles. It can also lead to increased stress, which can worsen the severity of psoriasis flares. A good night’s rest is essential to reducing stress, and helps your body fight inflammation.

Shut down

We’re surrounded by distractions all day, mostly of the electronic kind that can over stimulate your brain. Take some time to shut down your devices and clear your mind before heading to bed. Try reading an actual book, jotting down tomorrow’s to-do list or taking a soak in the tub to relax.

Stick to a routine

After you shut down, start your relaxing bedtime routine. Sticking to a nighttime ritual helps prepare your mind and body for sleep. Be strict with your skin care. Don’t go to sleep without washing your face and applying facial and body moisturizer or administering medications. You may also try adding a relaxing exercise to your regime, such as meditation or breathing exercises, a few yoga poses or some gentle stretching right before bed.

Set the scene for sleep

Make your bedroom a sanctuary by making it cozy and serene. Invest in some comfy pajamas and bedding. They don’t have to be expensive, but look for soft, lightweight fabrics (nothing synthetic) that won’t irritate or pull your skin. Make a rule that there’s no working in bed. Let your bed be a haven for relaxing and getting your beauty rest.

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

Use the time when you’re sleeping to rejuvenate your skin with moisturizer. Get into those cozy jammies and lather up in your preferred treatment - a prescription topical, a natural oil or a moisturizing lotion. Don’t forget to include your feet and hands. Sleep in a cool temperature room so that you can comfortably wear socks and cotton gloves to keep the moisturizer on and ensure it doesn’t rub off on your cozy bedding.

Sleep with a humidifier

Help keep your skin hydrated by sleeping with a humidifier, especially in the winter when the heat is cranking and drying out the air. In addition to the skin benefits, sleeping with a humidifier could keep you healthier, in turn avoiding psoriasis flares, because viruses and bacteria can’t travel as well in moist air.