9 Great Gifts for Caregivers

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Give a gift to those who give of themselves

The holidays can be a difficult time for those who are managing the demands of caregiving and juggling the hustle and bustle of this festive time of year. Here are nine great gift ideas for those caring for others.


Gift cards

Gift cards can be used for all types of shopping, including catalogs and online ordering, both of which are convenient for caregivers who have a hard time leaving the house. Most drugstores and grocery stores have kiosks of gift cards. You can also order many gift cards on line by going to the website of the business. Even small local businesses usually have a website and an electronic set-up to purchase a gift card if you do not live nearby.


Quiet time

One of the things most caregivers get the least of is time to themselves. That’s why one of the best — and least expensive — ways you can help caregivers is to take over their duties for a day (or weekend!) so they can have some quiet, unstructured time for themselves.


Movie passes

Buying movie tickets for a caregiver is a great way to make sure the caregiver in your life can escape for a few hours. Along with the movie passes, include a homemade gift certificate that she can exchange for you to take over caregiving duties when she goes to the movie.



Subscriptions are a way to give a gift all year long. These days you can find a subscription service for everything from “Bacon of the Month” to “Healthy Daily Meals.” Try plugging in one of your loved one’s favorite things and the words “monthly subscription” into a search engine and see what options are available.



Caregiving can be lonely. Sometimes the one being cared for does not communicate very well, and choosing between scheduling time for errands and hanging out with friends can be a difficult if not impossible decision. If you know some of the regular errands your friend makes as part of her caregiving duties, offer to take a day off and tag along in January just to keep her company.


Mug and gift basket

Sometimes circumstances require a caregiver to take a vacation in his or her own home. If your friend is a coffee drinker, find her a beautiful mug and expensive coffee beans that are already ground and ready to brew. If she is a tea drinker, include an assortment of herbal teas. Coffee house quality biscotti or scones will also be appreciated.


A clean house

Most of us who don’t care for someone else have a hard time keeping our living spaces clean and tidy. Imagine how difficult it is for a caregiver! Hiring a housecleaning service for a caregiver is one way to help them have a clean house for the holidays. Or you can even volunteer your own time and help out.


A book about caregiving

While each caregiving situation is unique, there are similar themes that run throughout the experience. Emotions such as guilt and burnout are commonplace in caregiving. Because the need is growing, there are more and more books available that address some of the emotional aspects of caregiving. Check out Meditations for Caregivers for support and motivation.


Bird feeder and seed

Oftentimes a caregiver is bound to their own home more than most of us. A birdfeeder can provide entertainment for everyone in the house. And, even if they already have a feeder, bird lovers will never mind getting one more.


Spa basket

There just cannot be too much self-care when it comes to taking care of someone else. Both male and female caregivers will enjoy a thoughtful spa basket. Include a nail kit, bath sponge, cocoa butter for rough hands, black shoe polish, and a high-end shaving cream with a razor and a soft washcloth.