7 Great Gifts for Caregivers

Sara Suchy | Sept 27, 2012

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Give a gift to those who give of themselves

The holidays can be a bittersweet time for caregivers as they manage not only the sometimes difficult day-to-day tasks of caregiving along with the hustle and bustle of the festive time of year. Giving a thoughtful gift to people who already give so much of themselves is a great way to celebrate the season. Here are seven gift ideas for the caregivers in your life.

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Gift cards

Gift cards can be used for all types of shopping, including catalogs and online ordering, both of which are very convenient for caregivers who have a hard time leaving the house. Most drugstores and grocery stores have kiosks of gift cards for a wide variety of businesses and restaurants. But if your friend uses a small local store, try calling the establishment to see if they can create one for your friend or loved one.

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Quiet time

One of the things most caregivers get the least of is time to themselves. That’s why one of the best–and least expensive–ways you can help caregivers is to take over their duties for a day (or weekend!) so that they can have some quiet, unstructured time for themselves.

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Movie passes

It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to a movie. The cost of tickets and popcorn, the crowds that sometimes flock to a blockbuster movie…  There are many reasons to convince yourself that there are “better” ways to spend time and money. Buying tickets for someone is a great way to make sure the caregiver in your life gets those 2-3 hours of fun, thrills, and relaxation that only a movie in a theater can offer!

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Subscriptions are a way to literally give a gift all year long. Magazine subscriptions are an excellent way to keep your friend or loved one “up to date,” but there are other options, such as “Fruit of the Month” subscriptions, “Dessert of the Month” subscriptions, and many others. Try plugging in one of your loved one’s favorite things and the words “monthly subscription” into Google or another search engine to see what options are out there.

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Caregiving can make predicting your time and living on a schedule difficult. Just when it’s time for that much-loved television show or movie to come on, something may come up that keeps you from watching it. A DVR or other device that can be programmed to automatically record shows and films is a great way to allow the caregivers in your life to watch what they want, when they’re able to do it.

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We’ve all felt the soothing effects of our favorite music. And one of the best things about it is that it can be on in the background all the time, providing comfort and relaxation as we go through our busy days. A new CD, a box set of an old favorite, or a gift card to an online music site can help your caregiving friend add this stress reducer to his or her day.

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A clean house

Most of us who don’t care for someone else have a hard time keeping our living spaces clean and tidy. Imagine how difficult it is for a caregiver! Hiring a housecleaning service for a caregiver is one way to help them have a clean house for the holidays. Or you can even volunteer your own time and help out.