Heart Friendly Lifestyle Changes

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Creating heart-healthy environments is crucial to preventing heart disease and better heart conditions. Here are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to make your days heart friendly.

At the office

Around 86 percent of Americans are working at a desk job, meaning most people working 9 am to 6 pm are likely sitting for that amount of time. Sitting all day can increase your risk of heart disease or exacerbate heart conditions you might already have. Make your office more heart-friendly by asking for a standing or treadmill desk to reduce your risk and have a healthier day at the place you spend your time most.

At home

Maintaining a healthy home environment is important in taking the first steps to bettering your heart health. What does that mean exactly? From the foods you keep in your refrigerator to having an exercise mat or dumbbells nearby, these small changes will keep you on the right track and help you make better choices when resting at home.

Stress levels

Stress can be a constant throughout your day – from work stress to family stress, it might feel as if you can’t catch a break. While many stress factors are out of our control, be proactive about the factors you can change. Make sure to get enough sleep and cut out the bad habits, like smoking or drinking. Make sure to take a couple of minutes to decompress, whether it’s enjoying a hot shower or going for a walk.

The company you keep

It is inevitable that the people you surround yourself with will have an influence on you. Being around smokers and heavy drinkers can make you more inclined to participate in unhealthy behaviors, whereas active and healthy people can influence you to join them in their yoga class or eat an apple instead of a donut. Surround yourself with people who will better you, both physically and mentally.