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13 Little Updates to Make Your Home Low-vision Friendly

Man changing lightbulb

turning on lamp

Light Up the Place

close up of man's hands changing lightbulbs to energy efficient ones

Change Your Bulbs

High Angle View of Stairs with Yellow and Black Striped Tape

Add Contrast With Tape

throw rug in bright bedroom

Toss Your Throw Rugs (or at Least Secure Them)

minimalist kitchen counter
Marcin Galusz

Go Minimal in Certain Rooms

coffee set up, seen from above
Tyler Nix

Set Up Workstations

large computer monitor on desk
Jessy Smith

Upgrade Your Computer Monitor

curtains and plant in window
Eduard Militaru

Hang Up Curtains or Blinds in Really Bright Rooms

woman sitting down in front of TV
John Tuesday

Move the TV Closer

couches with plain covers
Dan Gold

Put a Solid Cover on Your Patterned Couch

Amazon Echo
Amazon EchoiStock

Install a Voice-activated Assistant

Solar Powered Lanterns Along Path leading to house

Create a Lighted Runway to the Front Door

Pair of hands holding two sides of Velcro

Add Tactile Markers to Dials, Buttons, and Controls

Jerilyn Covert

Jerilyn Covert

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