How Cell Phones Can Be Bad For Your Health

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No question that cell phones have become central to most people’s lives—from texting friends to checking Facebook and Twitter to getting updates on the weather, news and sports. But recent research suggests that using cell phones so much can have a negative effect on your health.

Germs and bacteria on your cell phone

Cell phones can have as many as 10 times the amount of bacteria and germs as you’d find in a typical bathroom! The germs on your phone can cause nausea and stomach problems, among other symptoms. Clean your phone with disinfectant wipes keep it (somewhat) sanitary. For more information, see You May Want to Wipe Down Your Mobile.

Eye damage from cell phone usage

Spending large amounts of time staring at your cell phone screen can do permanent damage to your eyes, including blurry vision and cataracts, according to research from the Israel Institute of Technology. See Mobile Phones Can Trigger Eye Damage, Fear Scientists.

Hearing loss / loud music from cell phones

Where normal talking is about 40 to 60 decibels, headphones can rock your eardrums at 110 decibels, as much as a loud concert. It is recommended that headphones should never be so loud so that another person can hear the music. See Hearing Loss and Music.

Distracted driving and cell phones

In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributed 3,092 traffic fatalities to texting and driving. For more, see Feds: Phone, Texting Killed 3,092 in Car Crashes Last Year and Drivers and Legislator Dismiss Cell Phone Risks.

Distracted walking and cell phones

Reports indicate that injuries to distracted walkers treated at emergency rooms has quadrupled since 2005, many due to people texting or playing games with their heads down on the screen instead of focusing on what was in front of them. State and local governments are beginning to respond with. Here’s more: Distracted Walking a Growing Phone-Related Danger.

Cell phones and cancer

The National Institutes of Health said, "Several major studies show no link between cell phones and cancer," though it warns that the long-term impact is not always apparent in a study. For more information, see WHO: Cell Phone Use Can Increase Possible Cancer Risk and Cell Phones: Do They Cause Cancer?