How To Be Intimate Again With Vaginal Atrophy

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One of the symptoms of vaginal atrophy is vaginal dryness. While this can make intimacy uncomfortable or painful, there are steps you can take so you and your partner can once again enjoy being together.

Seek treatment

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. There are treatments available, such as estrogen treatments, that can help ease vaginal dryness and help you once again enjoy a satisfying and pain free intimate life.

Use a lubricant

Lubricants decrease the friction during intercourse and make intimacy more enjoyable, Look for a water-based lubricant and use it on yours and your partner’s genital areas. Apply it before intercourse and reapply as needed throughout.

Be intimate more often

If you find intimacy to be painful or your libido has decreased you might not want to hear that you should be intimate more often, but it will help strengthen weakened vaginal muscles and increases blood flow and natural lubricants.

Dedicate more time to foreplay

More foreplay means more stimulation, which increases moisture in your vagina. Talk to your partner about taking it slow and increasing the time spent in anticipation of intercourse. You will find being intimate easier.

Use condoms

If you are in a monogamous relationship, you probably gave up using condoms but they can reduce the friction and increase lubrication. If you aren’t in a monogamous relationship, it is best to make sure you use a condom; you can still contract sexually transmitted infections after menopause.

Try Kegel exercises

These exercises help to strengthen vaginal muscles and increase blood flow to your vagina. To do these, locate the muscles used to stop urinating by squeezing. Once you find the muscles, squeeze for 3 seconds, let go and squeeze again. Repeat 10 times per day. Slowly increase the time you squeeze the muscle, up to 10 to 15 seconds.

Talk to your partner

It’s important to keep communication going to prevent your partner from getting the wrong idea or feeling hurt because of your lack of sexual desire. Let your partner know what you are going through and how he can help you feel more comfortable.