How to Manage Nocturia With Overactive Bladder

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Nocturia can be a disruptive condition that accompanies overactive bladder. Here are some ways to help treat and manage nocturia.

What is nocturia?

Nocturia is the urge to urinate once or more at night, forcing a person to wake up several times throughout the night.

Log it

Keep a log for at least several nights in a row. Record activities during the day, especially the three to four hours leading up to bedtime, as well as nighttime interruptions. This makes it easy to spot patterns and establishes a baseline. You can then make improvements and changes based off this baseline.

Limit drinks

Restrict fluid intake: No fluids the last three hours before retiring to bed, especially alcohol or caffeinated beverages.


Take a late-afternoon rest. Lay down for an hour and elevate your legs on a pillow so that heels are higher than your chest at least two hours before retiring to bed.

Empty your bladder

Just before going to bed, urinate and then double-void, relaxing so as to empty your bladder as much as possible.

Ease swelling

If there is any swelling, or edema, in your feet or ankles, wear compression stockings during the day.

Talk to your doctor

If by comparison to your baseline experience, such remedies make little or no difference in your symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor. They may prescribe a medication for treating your nocturia.