How to Prevent a COPD Flare-Up

by Allison Bush Editor

Eat healthy foods

When you eat healthy, your body has what it needs to fight infection and other health problems. It can also help you keep your weight in a healthy range, which can lessen the difficulty people with COPD can have with breathing when active.

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Balance activity with rest

It's a fact that when you have COPD, you get tired more quickly and more thoroughly. But this tendency to fatigue can be managed by striking a balance between periods of activity and rest times. Getting good solid sleep at night will help you replenish your energy resources to face the next day.

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Be in touch with your doctor

Think of you and your doctor as a health care management team that works together to keep you healthy within the limitations of COPD. Be sure to keep your medical appointments, follow your prescribed medication regimen, and keep your doctor in the loop with how you are feeling and how well your treatment plan is working.

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Get vaccinated

Everyone who has COPD should get a yearly flu vaccine! It is one of the best and safest preventive measures you can take to stay healthy. Flu shots are usually available in the fall; talk with your doctor about the best time for you to be immunized.

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Wash your hands

It might sound too simple to be that important, but strict handwashing is actually one of the best ways to prevent infection, especially airborne infections such as respiratory infections. It's important both for you to wash your hands frequently and thoroughy, as well as anyone you come into close contact with.

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