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How to Enjoy Winter Sports With Psoriatic Arthritis

Snowshoe walker running in powder snow

woman stretching on yoga mat

Warm Up Before You Chill

senior man wearing layers stretching outdoors

Wear Lots of Loose Layers

woman wearing boots in the snow
Robert Nelson

Wear Slip-free Shoes or Boots That Fit

couple jogging together in winter

Enlist a Buddy

woman throwing snow in air during snowshoe adventure

Try a Low-impact Sport

person in winter clothes hiking
Nick Dietrich

Take a Hike

parent and child skiing together
Mohammad Saifullah

Stick to the Bunny Slope

man hiking on beaten path
Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

Take the Path Well-traveled

senior couple sledding together

Choose the Easy Sledding Hill

person wearing ice skates at skating rink
Kelli McClintock

Break Out the Skates

person in sweater holding tea
Kira auf der Heide

Take a Warm-up Break

Casey Nilsson

Casey Nilsson


Casey Nilsson, an award-winning journalist and magazine editor based in Rhode Island, writes about autoimmune disease for HealthCentral. Casey is a 2018 Association of Health Care Journalists fellow, and her reporting on unfair labor conditions for people with disabilities was a finalist for the City and Regional Magazine Association Awards. Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2016, Casey enjoys digging into rheumatologic news, research and trends.