Top 10 Ways to Find the Best Thyroid Doctors

The right doctor is an essential part of the overall success of your thyroid diagnosis and treatment. But where do you go to find a qualified, experienced health care provider for your thyroid care? Here are 10 ways to find the best thyroid doctors, thyroid cancer physicians, integrative hormone experts, and thyroid surgeons.

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Ask for a referral

To find a top thyroid provider, you can ask for referrals. Some useful sources include:

  • Your primary care doctor or gynecologist
  • Other trusted healthcare providers, such as nutritionists, acupuncturists, or physical therapists
  • Trusted friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers
  • Nurses at local hospitals or healthcare provider offices
  • Pharmacists
Man using online directories.

Use organization directories

Professional groups in the thyroid and endocrine area maintain searchable directories and databases that allow you to find thyroid specialists and endocrinologists in your area. Two key resources are:

Thyroid surgeon ready to operate.

Finding a thyroid surgeon

Thyroid cancer, zoom in on mutated cell.

If you have thyroid cancer

If you have thyroid cancer, a good resource for finding expert physicians is the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association list of medical advisors. You can also join ThyCa’s Listservs for your specific type of thyroid cancer, and get recommendations from fellow thyroid cancer patients. Also:

Holistic doctor checking on patient data.

When you need an integrative or holistic provider

If you are looking for an integrative or holistic provider with expertise in thyroid and hormone balance, here are some recommendations:

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More integrative and holistic doctor databases

Some additional resources to find integrative and holistic doctors include:

  • The International College of Integrative Medicine’s ICIM Member Search

  • American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine database

  • American Osteopathic Association Find a DO directory

Doctor examining womans thyroid.

Thyroid-specific doctor lists

There are several thyroid-specific doctor lists, including:

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Search your insurance or HMO directory of doctors

Health insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) have searchable databases of their providers, for example Aetna DocFind, United Healthcare Doctor Finder, and Kaiser Find Doctors. Lifescript’s Doctor Finder database searches by insurer, including Aetna, Amerigroup, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, Guardian, Healthnet, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Medicaid, Medicare, Molina, United Healthcare, Wellcare, and Wellpoint.

Searching online, doctor rating sites.

Use a doctor rating website

There are websites that allow patients to rate and review doctors. Keep in mind that these are unverified reviews and ratings, which can skew the results.

A better choice may be Angie's List, which verifies the patient reviews of doctors.

Reading about doctor ratings.

Use an outside doctor-rating service

You may want to review ratings from media or other doctors. Some helpful resources include:

In California, the California Quality Ratings database has a quantitative rating of physicians and hospitals in the state.

Woman on phone with doctor finding service.

Use an independent service like Castle Connolly

Castle Connolly is the leading American company that publishes verified and vetted top-doctors lists in their proprietary books and websites. The Castle Connolly Top Doctors Directory is available free online.

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