How to Get Calcium From Food

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Some good sources

Looking to get more calcium in your diet? Calcium is best absorbed when eaten several times a day in amounts of 500 mg or less. After age 50, women’s calcium requirement increases to 1,200 mg per day to maintain bone mass. Men should consume 1,200 mg per day after age 70. Here are some great sources.

Cultured soy yogurt, fortified

½ cup, 367 mg calcium

Orange juice, fortified

8 ounces, 300 mg calcium

Sardines, canned, with edible bones

3 ounces, 270 mg calcium

Soy milk, fortified

8 ounces, 250 to 300 mg calcium

Collard greens, cooked

1 cup, 239 mg calcium

Turnip greens, cooked

1 cup, 208 mg calcium

Salmon, canned, with edible bones

3 ounces, 205 mg calcium

Kale, Scotch, cooked

1 cup, 181 mg calcium

Bok choy, cooked (Chinese cabbage)

1 cup, 167 mg calcium

Figs, dried

5 figs, 137 mg calcium

Soybeans, green

½ cup, 130 mg calcium

Tofu, firm, calcium-set

½ cup, 120 to 430 mg calcium

Mustard greens, cooked

1 cup, 109 mg calcium

Okra, cooked

1 cup, 107 mg calcium