10 Ways to Rock Your Thyroid Scar

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After thyroidectomy — thyroid surgery — you will have a neck scar. In most cases, when performed by an experienced thyroid surgeon, the scar will fade and become nearly undetectable. But until then, or if you have a more visible scar, here are 10 ways to rock your thyroid scar.


Wear a statement necklace

A big, chunky necklace is a stylish way to cover up your thyroid scar. Go for a stand-alone necklace, wear multiple strands of shorter pearls, or layer several necklaces together.


Bring back the choker

An adjustable, choker-style necklace is the perfect way to cover up a thyroid scar. You can get premade chokers in a variety of materials — metals, fabric, etc. You can also take a favorite charm or pendant and string it on a ribbon for a do-it-yourself choker.


Tie on a scarf

The trusty scarf is an easy go-to solution to cover a scar. Whether it’s a silky neck scarf or a wooly knit winter scarf, it’s a fashionable way to keep your thyroid scar under wraps. There are many creative ways to tie a scarf, and Instyle has a great tutorial and tips. Ladies, don’t forget blouses with attached tie-neck bow scarves.


Wear a high collar

For men and women, many collar designs are high enough to hide a thyroid scar. Look for shirts, jackets, dresses, and blouses with Nehru collars, Chinese (or Mandarin) collars, banded collars, "mock" turtlenecks, funnel necks, cowl necks, and high-neck collars.


Try a turtleneck

Turtlenecks — an easy, one-step way to hide a thyroidectomy scar — can be dressy or casual and are found in a variety of sportswear, outerwear, and even dressier styles for both men and women.


Use a scar cream

While a thyroid scar usually fades over time, you can help it along with a cream or oil designed to minimize scarring and help fade the scar. Two popular products include Mederma cream and Bio-Oil.


Protect your neck from the sun

One proven way to help minimize the appearance of a scar is to protect it against sun exposure and sunburn, especially in the first year after your surgery. Use a good sunscreen on your neck daily and consider a scarf and hat to keep your neck out of the sun.


Camouflage with makeup

Careful application and blending of makeup can, in some cases, make a thyroid scar invisible. Two popular brands of makeup that specialize in hiding scars are Dermablend and Dermaflage. And check out Zabrena's "How to conceal a scar" video on YouTube.

Roxy W.

Be silly

There are times when you might think: “Why hide my scar?” That’s when, like Roxy did after her thyroid surgery, you can be creative and just have fun with it!

Karin A.

Go naked with a smile!

Finally, no one said you ever have to hide your thyroid scar. You can always show it off proudly and like Karin, just add a smile!