10 Ways to Rock Your Thyroid Scar

by Mary Shomon Patient Advocate

After thyroidectomy — thyroid surgery — you will have a neck scar. In most cases, when performed by an experienced thyroid surgeon, the scar will fade and become nearly undetectable. But until then, or if you have a more visible scar, here are 10 ways to rock your thyroid scar.

Statement necklace.

Wear a statement necklace

A big, chunky necklace is a stylish way to cover up your thyroid scar. Go for a stand-alone necklace, wear multiple strands of shorter pearls, or layer several necklaces together.

Woman wearing a choker necklace.

Bring back the choker

An adjustable, choker-style necklace is the perfect way to cover up a thyroid scar. You can get premade chokers in a variety of materials — metals, fabric, etc. You can also take a favorite charm or pendant and string it on a ribbon for a do-it-yourself choker.

Woman wearing a scarf in the winter.

Tie on a scarf

The trusty scarf is an easy go-to solution to cover a scar. Whether it’s a silky neck scarf or a wooly knit winter scarf, it’s a fashionable way to keep your thyroid scar under wraps. There are many creative ways to tie a scarf, and Instyle has a great tutorial and tips. Ladies, don’t forget blouses with attached tie-neck bow scarves.

Woman wearing a high-collar sweater.

Wear a high collar

For men and women, many collar designs are high enough to hide a thyroid scar. Look for shirts, jackets, dresses, and blouses with Nehru collars, Chinese (or Mandarin) collars, banded collars, "mock" turtlenecks, funnel necks, cowl necks, and high-neck collars.

Woman wearing a turtleneck sweater.

Try a turtleneck

Turtlenecks — an easy, one-step way to hide a thyroidectomy scar — can be dressy or casual and are found in a variety of sportswear, outerwear, and even dressier styles for both men and women.

Woman applying cream to her neck.

Use a scar cream

While a thyroid scar usually fades over time, you can help it along with a cream or oil designed to minimize scarring and help fade the scar. Two popular products include Mederma cream and Bio-Oil.

Woman wearing a scarf outside in the summer.

Protect your neck from the sun

One proven way to help minimize the appearance of a scar is to protect it against sun exposure and sunburn, especially in the first year after your surgery. Use a good sunscreen on your neck daily and consider a scarf and hat to keep your neck out of the sun.


Camouflage with makeup

Careful application and blending of makeup can, in some cases, make a thyroid scar invisible. Two popular brands of makeup that specialize in hiding scars are Dermablend and Dermaflage. And check out Zabrena's "How to conceal a scar" video on YouTube.

Googly eyes over a thyroid scar.
Roxy W.

Be silly

There are times when you might think: “Why hide my scar?” That’s when, like Roxy did after her thyroid surgery, you can be creative and just have fun with it!

Karin's thyroid scar.
Karin A.

Go naked with a smile!

Finally, no one said you ever have to hide your thyroid scar. You can always show it off proudly and like Karin, just add a smile!

Mary Shomon
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