Psoriatic ArthritisSymptoms

How to Spot Psoriatic Arthritis Right Away

hand reaching out
Mat Reding

person applying cream to joint lesions

Joint Lesions

senior woman with swollen fingers

Swollen Fingers

person touching swollen knuckles

Knuckle Swelling

nail pitting
(c)2019 American College of Rheumatology - used with permission

Nail Damage

two swollen knees

Symmetrical Swelling

Psoriatic arthritis spine
Spine of patient with psoriatic arthritis - arrows indicate signs of spondylitisFiona McQueen, Marissa Lassere and Mikkel Østergaard

Limited Mobility in Your Back or Hips

bare back hunched over
Inge Poelman

Poor Posture

opera glass hand
(c)2019 American College of Rheumatology - used with permission

Telescoping Fingers

Tracy Middleton

Tracy Middleton


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