6 Indulgences for Moms with Migraines

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Take a bubble bath

How often do you Moms take time for a bubble bath? A quiet one? It's tine to indulge yourself. If fragrance is a trigger, find an unscented bath product, lie back, and relax!

Have a facial

Facials are sooooooooo relaxing, and they're good for the skin. When was the last time you had one? If going to the salon is a trigger, there are some great masks you can pick up at the pharmacy and give youself a facial at home - right before you slip into your bubble bath.

Go outside and meditate

Take a few minutes to yourself, slip out to the yard, sit down, and meditate on the things in your life that make you happy. When we get stuck inside most of the time, it's amazing how good it can feel to get outside, especially on our own. Look around for some of the little things that are easy to overlook - new foliage on the trees, budding flowers, birds' nests. Take some deep breaths, and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy your pets!

In the business of day-to-day living, it's easy for pets to become work or for us to just not have time to sit down and concentrate on just them. Spend a bit of time sitting or playing with them. This can be a true "feel-good" activity - for you and for your pets.

Sip a cup of chamomile tea

Fix yourself a great cup of chamomile tea to sip. Chamomile tea bags will do, but if you can, get some real loose chamomile. The blossoms you see in the photo here aren't daisies; they're chamomile. If you've never had chamomile tea made from the loose tea, I think you'll be amazed at how much better it is.

Curl up with a good book

Some Moms say they can't remember the last time they read a book that wasn't something that their kids were reading for school. That's so not fair! Find a book you've been wanting to read, curl up somewhere comfy, and read a while - just for yourself. Rediscover the books (and your vocabulary) that still exist beyond the school reading lists.