Joint Replacement Advice from a Three-Surgery Survivor


Q: What do you wish you had known beforehand?

Q: What questions did you ask the surgeon?

Q: How did you prepare for surgery?

Q: What changes did you make to your house?

Q: Did you miss anything?

Q: Did you buy anything to help your recovery?

Q: How were the surgeries?

Q: Any suggestions for surviving the hospital stay?

Q: Did you have any problems at the hospital?

Q: How did you manage pain after surgery?

Q: How long before you could take the stairs?

Q: How was physical therapy?

Q: How did your husband help?

Q: How long before you felt completely back to normal?

Q: How did you work with your doctor?

Plan ahead and prepare for pain to get to the pay off

The HealthCentral Editorial Team

The HealthCentral Editorial Team


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