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9 Things to Know If You’re Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer

Hand holding up model of a kidney
Robina Weermeijer

Sad woman from behind looking into window with face reflection
Tiago Bandeira

Try Not to Despair

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Brad Neathery

Proceed Promptly—But Thoughtfully

Ultrasound scanners

Get Expert Advice

Group of surgeons in operating room

Look for Experience

Woman pulling supplement out of bag
Daily Nouri

Share Info With Your Doctor

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Brooke Lark

Eat Well—But Don’t Worry About a “Kidney-Friendly” Diet

Man lighting a cigarette
Katarzyna Urbanek

If You Smoke, Well, You Know What to Do

Rows of supplements in store
Angel Sinigersky

Be Wary of Unproven Immune-Boosters…

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…But Embrace What Will Keep You Healthy

Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis

A health reporter and editor in New York, Lisa Davis has contributed to numerous outlets, including Health, O, the Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Science News, and others.