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10 Things You Can Do to Live Better With RA

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Develop Strategies to Reduce Stress

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Choose Foods That Make You Feel Good

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Exercise to Target Inflammation

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Practice Better Sleep Hygiene

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Stay Positive to Improve Your Health

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Build a Better Healthcare Team

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Use Tools and Gadgets to Limit Strain on Your Joints

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Learn to Listen to Your Body

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Live Your Life

Marianna Paulson, B.Ed., B.P.E.-O.R.

Marianna Paulson, B.Ed., B.P.E.-O.R.


Marianna Paulson is known as AuntieStress. On her website, you’ll find links to her two award-winning blogs, Auntie Stress Café and A Rheumful of Tips. When she is not helping clients (and herself) address stress, she keeps active by swimming, dog walking, and taking frequent dance breaks. She takes steps in a number of different directions in order to work on being a “Superager.” She may have RA, but it doesn’t have her! “Choose to be optimistic. It feels better.” - Dalai Lama XIV